Friday, December 4, 2009

Still in the U.S.

Still waiting for our Kuwait visas to come through so we can get out of D.C. I have told myself that I will try to be as positive as I can on this blog and remember what my mother always said "if you can't say something nice, then don't say anything at all." Honestly though, this is sort of ridiculous at this point. We will wait another weekend in our "temporary" housing while the rest of the city begins their respective holiday celebrations. The Christmas lights are up in some apartments and the decorations neatly placed. We have none of those as last I heard they were either on a ship headed to Kuwait or in a box here in the apartment under piles of boxes of diapers, wipes, printer cartridges and batteries that we are also shipping with us. Who wants to run out of wipes while abroad? Not this mommy! Because It is not practical or even possible to decorate our apartment, I feel the need to use picnik to decorate every photo I can. Exhibit A is on the left of this blog post.

You may ask what will you do in the meantime? We are off to Frederick Douglass' house tour in the morning, followed by a trip to a hotel south of D.C. to get away and let the kids splash in the pool. We are hoping to get these visas all squared early next week, but let's face it when working with governments nothing ever moves quickly. I didn't think we would be in U.S. still at this point when packing clothes for everyone. So we have added to our clothes some more warm outfits. I know we will get there, eventually. For now we try to distract the kids and keep a positive tone. Kelly is the eternal optimist, I am an optimist with realism thrown in for good measure. I am not holding my breath and can only take one day at a time. Seeing is often believing and in this case I will have to see it to believe it's real! Have a good weekend and please keep us in your prayers~