Wednesday, April 18, 2007

My future's so bright I gotta wear shades!

Hello All! Well I am excited to post these pictures today. The reasoning behind my excitement is twofold. First, it may get warm here this weekend, so we went out to Meijer and bought summer shoes and shades. I had to take pictures of my cuties. As is to be expected Grace choose shoes with blue (her favorite color) and pink, Faith choose shoes colored green (her favorite color) and magenta, and Luke choose navy blue because Daddy has some just like his. So now they are ready to slip on sandals and shades and hit the beach. Yes, I am aware it may be a little while of yet. I feel optimism is always a good thing. So we look forward to the sunny beach days, but for now we wear our new duds in the house : )
The second reason I am excited to post these pictures is these pictures were taken on our new camera. We have been working with two Kodak cameras for the past months that were critically injured. One I dropped on the sled hill and it never quite recovered. The other camera ran down new batteries after maybe 5 pictures. So you had to really be quite discerning when choosing to snap a picture. So as of today we have a new camera and it works great!!! I will be traveling with it to Bolivar when I leave tomorrow morning. Please pray for Kelly as he sacrifices himself for my happiness and sanity. I love my husband and his self sacrificial heart!!! I am encouraged that it should be warm in the Great White North. If nothing else the kids will look good, eh? Love, Crystal