Sunday, November 6, 2011

Our life lately.....

Kelly and Grace are visiting an Orthopedic Surgeon in London for a couple weeks. Grace is doing AMAZINGLY well, Praise God! She is having outpatient physical therapy this coming week and has made remarkable progress. She has also loved seeing the "London Eye" and Buckingham Palace.

We had a great Halloween celebration with our American friends before Kelly and Grace left Bamako. The kids enjoyed getting to "trick or treat" and seeing all the standard American candy :)

The other photos are of one of the rock cliff parks here in Bamako and of tile "squattie potties" on the side of the road for sale. I will try to post some of the more interesting everyday photos commonly seen in Bamako.

This weekend is Tabaski, it is a sacred holiday for Muslims. They commonly sacrifice a ram. Rams were bleating like crazy yesterday! Today is truly "the silence of the rams". Have a good weekend and to this in Bamako, "Bonne Fete"!