Wednesday, April 2, 2008

What a difference two months makes

Hello All! Here are the kids playing outside on February 6, 2008. It was a white out storm that day : )

With the miracle of video we fast forward two months. Here are Luke and Faith playing outside this morning. It is has warmed up to 37 degrees outside as I write this. So we are rejoicing in the signs of spring all around us. The snow is rapidly receding. The bulbs are peeking out and the buds are on the trees. We have almost made it to days spent outside playing. Luke loved swinging today as Faith pushed him. He said as you can hear on the video, but you might not understand Luke speak, "I am swinging like a Banshee". We commonly say in our home so and so was "screaming like a Banshee". Swinging and screaming are apparently the same thing to Luke. Faith was pushing him, which will not happen as commonly as they play outside more and more frequently. It shows how excited they were to be outside.

This picture is of some of my tulips peeking through the pine needle covered ground. I put this in the post for my blog friend Ginny. She is commonly including gardening on her blog. I really enjoy that, as I love to garden. She lives quite a few states south and east of us, so she is farther ahead on all that fun spring garden preparation. See, Ginny, I have something coming up: ) I promise more gardening posts to come.

Have a great day!!!!!