Saturday, December 15, 2007

Our Christmas Photo

Hello All! I am sorry it has been some time from my last post. We have been busy enjoying Hope and celebrating the Christmas season. I wanted to add our photo taken today for our Christmas card. Our Christmas card will be late this year : ) Better late than never, right? So here is the Briden family, now six.

We took many, many, many pictures to find the best one. Here is a picture of Mommy and her girls. I am so excited for all the "Chick Flicks" and days at the Spa. Daddy and Luke are definitely outnumbered now. God willing, it won't be long before their numbers increase as well.

Grandma and Granddad Briden have come to visit us. I asked them to come and help us all out during the transition after Hope's birth. They are a huge blessing and I thank God for them both. My mother-in-law has cooked for us and my father-in-law has entertained the kids while I'm nursing baby Hope. They took a picture today with the Briden four as well. What special grandparents our children have. Thanks for everything Grandma and Granddad : )

May God bless you all during this Christmas season. Don't worry our Christmas card is coming :) Love, Crystal