Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Addy's Hope

Hello All! I hope you are doing great today! I am posting with a prayer request regarding my friend HollyAnn and her husband John. HollyAnn and John are the founders and directors of Addy's Hope Adoption and Child Relief Ministry ( . HollyAnn and I became friends on a Yahoo group back when we had just started the process to adopt from Sierra Leone in 2004. She and her husband felt called of God to open their own agency through this process and they have been blessed by their obedience to God in this area. She and John leave for Liberia on the 19th, this Saturday. They are going in the official capacity as the Directors, but also as adoptive parents themselves. Please pray for them that all will go smoothly for them and the other families traveling to bring children home. HollyAnn and John have an amazing testimony as far as what prompted them to open Addy's Hope. Please read about it on their website. Please pray for God to be glorified through them, and all involved with Addy's Hope. Please also pray for their kids at home without Mommy or Daddy. God Bless you HollyAnn and John, you are such an encouragement to us!!! You are in our prayers!! Love, Crystal