Friday, July 18, 2008


Hello All! I am sorry I have been absent for quite awhile now. I have been busy, busy, busy with preparing for our Church's VBS and teaching one of the kindergarten classes this past week. I am so tired I feel like I could sleep for days : ) It is amazing how 15 kids going into kindergarten can totally exhaust one adult. It is also interesting how my own kids seem so easy to care for tonight after this past week. Overall we had a great time and I am a good tired. This was Luke's first year at VBS, he did great. The first day he even came home and told us the scripture he learned that day correctly!!! He is such a smart mini man. Faith was in my class and was excited to make a new friend. Grace was in the first grade class and she has all the scripture memorized and all the praise song dance moves down. She can't stop singing, none of them can : ) We have the music CD of praise songs from "SonWorld Adventure Park" in the "Bus". Now there is no end to the rocking times. YAHOO!!!! CHOOSE JESUS : ) Keep watching the blog, some exciting news to come-Crystal