Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Lake Huron

Hello All! We are happily off on a mini-vacation tomorrow. We will head over to the east side of the state, the side yours truly grew up on. Growing up my father's (Grandpa B)parents had a cottage on Lake Huron. I spent the summers there, swimming like a fish, basking in the sun, enjoying my grandparents and giggling at everything. (well come on that is what little girls do : ) I am excited because tomorrow I return to a place forever cherished in my memories, our family cottage on the beaches of the "Sunrise" side of our beautiful state. Grandpa B, Uncle Rick and Aunt Kristin, Aunt Heather and her sons, The Sweebe boys will all be there. What fun we are sure to have. I'm sure there will be hot dogs on the grill, ice cream in Tawas and bonfires with sticky smores. I am so thankful that I had a place like this growing up to enjoy. I am excited to once again watch my children's reaction to literally living on the beach. I will post photos upon our return. Please pray for our adoption as an important folder of documents left in the mail today, we are asking God to give it safe passage to our new son's home country. With that I will sign out of the blogosphere for another fun family time. Blessings to you all- Crystal