Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Monkey Bars and "old blue eyes"

Hello All! I am sorry to report that I forgot the memory card for my camera while we were away at my dad's cottage on Lake Huron. The photos of our fun there will have to wait. We had a great time in spite of the rain. We love our family from the "East side" of the state : )

Grace has become a monkey this summer. She loves swinging on the monkey bars anywhere and everywhere. This was all inspired by cousin Maddi. Maddi was so good at the monkey bars, it made Grace want to try it. Here is Miss Grace tonight on the monkey bars. She even asked as I went to get the camera, "Mommy, can you put me on the blog doing the monkey bars?" Here you are Grace at your request. You are such a sweetheart heart Gracie Goo Goo : )

Hope is getting too big!!! As I was snapping pictures of her I was realizing she is going to be nine months before I know it. She is a joy, with her big BLUE eyes and million dollar smile. She is so patient and flexible, as long as Mommy is there that is. We went out to eat to buffet with Grandma and Granddad Briden. She sat in her high chair the whole time and played with a napkin and a drinking straw. Thank God for the fourth child that is relaxed and pliable. She has been nursing now exclusively for 8 1/2 months. She had some rice cereal the other day she didn't spit out, so most likely more solids are in her future. For the worried "introduce solids early" crowd, don't worry!! Hope is over 20 pounds now on Mommy's milk alone : )

We are enjoying our family so much and honestly it gets easier as we grow in numbers. The kids entertain each other, help me with chores, bring me things when I am nursing and overall help me with their siblings. We can't wait to add our next son. What fun it will be to be a family of seven. But, for now we enjoy each day to the fullest as a family of six. Please pray for our adoption and specifically for some correspondence from USCIS in Detroit. Thanks and God be with you all- Crystal