Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Jelly Telly

Hello All! My friend Crispy at The Peters Peapod posted information about Jelly Telly on her blog. I went to check it out this morning and I am so excited about it. It was created by Phil Vischer the creator of VeggiTales, which we love!!!! It is just launching and you can get a free month long subscription when you sign up for a membership. Jelly Telly is a family friendly, CHRISTIAN, education and entertainment site for kids. YAHOO!! I am all over this!! The subscription fee after the trial month is $2.99 a month. That is less than a single video rental. They will have new videos often, possibly daily and a movie on the weekends. In the explanation of what Jelly Telly is, Phil Vischer speaks of them employing Christian film makers. That is exciting to me as an aunt to four boys in St. Louis who are gifted entertainers, filmmakers and Christians!!! Parker, you gotta check this out!!!!! I could see you working there someday : ) Please go and sign up for the free trial and let them know what you think. The Bunch will be there often. I know I can trust this site to be in addition to what we are teaching our children about our faith in Jesus. Have a great day~ Crystal