Friday, November 14, 2008


Hello All! Well we are all sick today, YUCK!!! Hope is very sick, she has a fever and really doesn't even want to crawl or cruise around. I love the soup, warm mugs of cocoa, and comfort foods that come along with Autumn. With the good things comes the bad. The "Yucks", I hate viruses!!! Today I am thanking God it is Friday!! I am also praying for God's healing hand to move like Bleach through our home, killing all the dirty little microbes. I am a germaphobe : ) I know, I know it is impossible to kill all the bugs with five kids sneezing at each other. I have to try though, we have hand sanitizer every two feet on all tables and counter tops. For a neat article on how Bleach kills germs click HERE. Hoping your family is healthy this weekend~ Love, Crystal