Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Happy Anniversary- 8 years

Hello All! Well I wanted to share that today is our 8th Wedding Anniversary. Eight years ago today we were almost married : ) We got married a four o' clock in the afternoon at the Michigan State University Alumni Memorial Chapel in East Lansing, MI. It was a beautiful ceremony!! More importantly I married my best friend that day and he is now my family. Of this new family God created back in 2000, Kel and I were the first. Kelly is a wonderful Husband to me and father to our children. I love him much more today than back in 2000. It was true love back than, but it hadn't been tested by life. By adding four kids in 6 years our love has been tested. It is the kind that endures. A time that stands out most recently of the true love shown by my husband was after Hope's birth. I was escorted into the shower after delivery by the nurse, she than went to give Hope a bath. I needed help in the shower and to be honest I was a mess. I called for help and Kel came, helped me wash, rinse and handed me a towel for my battered body. He than helped me brush my hair and get dressed in my hospital gown. After that he made sure I was feed and seated comfortably. It was in that moment that true love washed over me like the first scent of spring Hyacinth. He was and is my family, he would do this again for me as I aged. God willing he would care for me until we both are ready for eternity. I am so blessed to have him, he is patient, fun loving, exciting and best of all he is mine. God gave me a gift that cold February day in 2000. The gift is God showing me his love daily through one man, Kelly. I am thankful every day that we are thriving, not just surviving. Sure we rarely have time for ourselves anymore, but this to shall pass. I Love you Kelly with my whole heart. But more importantly, I respect the man you are and have become over the past eight years. You amaze me, Kel!!! Love, Crystal