Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Puzzle Queen, Valentine's gifts and Hope talking to Mommy

Hello All! I wanted to post some more pictures and video today. The first picture is of Faith and he finished Cinderella puzzle. Faith loves puzzles, she must take after Grandma Briden. Faith can even find puzzle pieces in the real world. She will look around and say "Look mommy, that is like a puzzle piece." Her brain works out shapes and things even in half eaten graham crakers. She can eat a Giraffe out of a peanut butter sandwich. She is my puzzle girl!! This is something I'm sure she would love to do with Grandma Briden more often : )

Grandma and Granddad Briden sent Valentine's Day gifts for the kids recently. Here is their cute picture as they wait to open their newly gifted tresures from New Mexico. The gifts were a hit as always and they played well with them while I made dinner. Thank you G-Ma and G-Dad, We love you too!!!

Lastly, here is some video of Hope cooing and "talking" to Mommy. Sorry the video is short, the battery died. She is a sweetheart and becoming so much more animated. She is holding her head up very well and smiling at her big brother and sister easily. I looked at her newborn photo the other day and I could not believe how differnt she looks now. Her eyes are becoming more and more true blue. So whoever voted in poll regarding her eye color I think we have confirmation now. She most likely will be blue like her sisters : )

We are expecting another large blanketing of snow tonight. We have had the most snow this season since we moved here. It has been fun to have the snow to sled and play in. I have gotten good now at fish tailing in my rear whell drive people mover. Hey, if nothing else it makes driving in the snow more exciting. We are supposed to get 4-8 inches of new snow tonight. That could spell S-N-O-W D-A-Y tomorrow.

In an exciting birding development our Chickadees are singing "springtime" and the gold finch males are becoming more golden and getting rid of their drab winter coat. All these are early signs of spring. The birds know the days are getting longer, sure only by minutes, but longer all the same!!! God Bless your day- Love, Crystal