Friday, November 13, 2009

Fun in D.C.

Hello to all! This is a photo collage of our recent activities. We had a great time last weekend at the National Arboretum. Our favorite exhibit was the Bonsai trees. One of which they have been "training" for almost four hundred years. It was a gift to someone in our government from a high ranking Japanese official, amazing! I barely can keep a house plant alive. Imagine the pressure of keeping a tree that began it's life as a Bonsai in Japan over four hundred years ago alive. I couldn't do it, very impressive!

On Veteran's Day we had our tickets to tour the Washington Monument. It was chilly and raining, but we did it! I have been to Washington D.C. many times in my life. I have never in all those visits actually went up in the Washington Monument. Kelly hadn't been up the giant obelisk either. We all had a great time and enjoyed seeing this historical city from the sky.

After our tour came to an end, we went over to The American History museum. I have wanted to see Julia Child's kitchen while here. I loved seeing that. Her coffee maker even had masking tape on it with the number of scoops per cups of coffee. I am sure this is for her husband, Paul to use : ) The kitchen was wonderfully organized. I think she may have inspired me. We finished out time with lunch in the cafeteria, a tour of the first ladies dresses, finding Dorothy's ruby red slippers from the Wizard of Oz and checking out a bunch of political buttons (my favorite is the last photo).

My mom is flying in to visit on Sunday and we have tons to get done before we leave for our new home. We are excited, tired and so ready to be out of a three bedroom apartment. This week we actually get to see what condition our HHE (Household Effects) are in and sort them for shipping. I hope you have a great weekend! See you next week~