Saturday, April 7, 2007

Adoption update and Easter fun : )

Hello All! Well today was a good day, but a weird day all the same. First, we went in for fingerprinting appointment courtesy of USCIS (the kinder, gentler version of INS). This is the last step as far as our pre-approval for the babies Visa. Now they will send us a form I-171H. That form shows the Consulate in Monrovia, Liberia we are pursuing an adoption and we have jumped through the correct hoops stateside to add another child to our family. So this is now the second time the Feds have fingerprinted me. It went well, we got there before our appointed time. We had just finished the paperwork they had given us to fill out and our number was called. We are glad to have that done though, I will let you know when we have our I-171H.

When we arrived home this afternoon we had fun painting Easter eggs. Luke was napping, so he didn't participate this year. The girls loved it. It was quite surreal painting eggs for Easter with three inches of snow outside. It has been snowing and blowing since yesterday. We keep teasing the kids by saying "Merry Christmas" or " Are we celebrating Christmas this weekend?" It has been on the weather locally that we will be colder and have more snow than we received on this past Christmas. That is pretty interesting : ) I have talked to my friend HollyAnn in West Texas and they are even cold and snow covered. Glad to know some others share in the frosty Easter. Easter Egg hunts and many spring sports practices were all canceled. I am sure glad the girls have warm sweaters to wear over their cute little Easter dresses tomorrow!

I wanted to include these pictures of Luke my little birdwatcher. He is looking out his binoculars through our sliding glass door into our backyard. He does this commonly and says "Birdie Mommy". It is precious because I don't really think he even can see through the eye pieces. He just holds them up to his eyes. He must think, "How does mommy see through these things." Enjoy! Have a very Happy Easter! He is Risen----He is Risen Indeed!!!!!!!!!! Love, Crystal