Saturday, April 14, 2007

Mommy goes "Home"

Hello All! Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. This week was a busy one and frankly Mommy was just plain tired out. So it is with much anticipation and excitement I write about my "Mommy's getaway" to Bolivar, Missouri. Some of you may be asking, Bolivar what is in Bolivar. Well I am glad you asked. Kelly and I lived in Bolivar for the first five years of our married life. It holds many treasured memories for us both and our girls. It will always be a place that holds a piece of heart. We loved it there truly, it is a fun time for us to reflect on. But, the people is what made Bolivar special. In life I believe it always comes back to relationships. My closest friend in Missouri, Jacki, is so special to me. I had prayed once we left that our friendship would always remain strong as it was so hard to leave such good friends. Jacki and I have talked almost every week since we left Missouri. We make special times to chat and catch up. She has been a true friend to me and I am so excited to see her. We will have lots of time to talk and giggle, which is essential for girlfriends.

I am also excited to see the places we lived. Our old stomping grounds. What has become of them? The homes we brought Grace and Faith home from the hospital to. They are forever frozen in my mind. I know all to well though that time marches on. Nothing stays the same as it was. Except for God he is the same yesterday, today and forever, what a comforting thought. It will be fun to walk down memory lane, I hopefully will have a shake at Sonic drive-in, Frozen Custard at 3-G's and maybe some pie from Norma's Pie and Coffee Shop. Whatever I find in our old home town it will be fun to see the people that we love and pray for. It is hard to be separated from them at times. We do see so clearly now that our time in Bolivar had come to end. West Michigan is our home now. At least for now. Maybe someday we will live internationally, finally achieving our dream of Medical Mission work. For now we enjoy West Michigan and the friendships that we will carry with us to our next home. God has been good to us. We have friends who know and love him. We are confident we will spend eternity with them. No more separation. What a joy to think of that day!! Until then I get to go back "home" to Bolivar and enjoy some slow relaxing days with good friends. Thanks be to God and Kelly, of course!!! Please pray for him as he will be with the kiddos from Thursday to Sunday : ) My husband is a gift from God and I thank him for letting me take a little time away. If I could bring him back Frozen Custard I would as it was his favorite. Unfortunately I think it would be a liquid by the time it hit the plane. So if I were to carry it on I would get busted for bringing on a liquid greater than 3 oz. Sorry, Kelly! Maybe I will just eat extra for him : ) Love, Crystal