Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Hello All!! It is Spring Break here in West Michigan. Our oldest two attend a local Christian school up the road from our home. This week, Grace our full day kindergartner and Faith our pre-schooler are home with Mommy, Luke and Hope. We have been having a great week so far. Tomorrow, Daddy took time off and we are headed to one of our favorite places. CRAZY BOUNCE it is in Holland, Michigan. It is so much family fun. We can slide, bounce and jump to our heart's content. Holland is a little bit a drive for us, but so worth it!!! I will post pictures of all our fun. I am especially excited to go. Last time we spent time there I was pregnant and couldn't run the obstacle courses with the kiddos. I love playing like a kid again. How often does one get to put on a Velcro suit and jump up on the Velcro wall to see if you'll stick? Ahhhh, to be a kid again : ) At least I can pretend to be one for a little while!! God Bless you all!!