Monday, April 21, 2008

Toothless Gracie

Grace our oldest, turned six in February. Click here to read that post. She it now toothless on the bottom front. She lost both within a week of the other. She is so proud : ) Our baby is getting so big!!!

I have also attached some random potos of us playing outside. The kids love our "swing". They hang by their arms from the trapeze bar via a long rope Daddy hung up. Everyone of them enjoys running and jumping of our hill of a backyard.

The "big"girls playing outside and loving life : )

Our favorite Gnome in Grace's backyard garden. He is sleeping peacefully. We found him on our property at our old farm house in Missouri. He mad e the move with us and he has been very happy in Michigan : ) Love you and God Bless your Spring!!
One last thing today is my Dad's Birthday, Grandpa B. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDPA B, WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!