Thursday, May 29, 2008

New Bathrooms

Hello All! I am excited to share that our close friends, Clayton and Kristie have taken on the enormous task of updating our bathrooms. I am thrilled!!! They are awesome and so good at it. Clayton is tiling our master bath as I type this and Kristie is off shopping for more things that are needed to pull it altogether. Our master bath has the laundry room right next to it, so it is a master/laundry combination. Clayton and Kristie fix and flip homes, so they have much expertise in this arena. Kristie is also a wonderful interior designer!! I have attached photos of the "Before". They are currently working on our master bath and laundry room which are combined. The PINK tiles are gone : ) I will continue to update the progress as time goes on. Thanks Clayton and Kristie, you are the best!!!!! Have a great weekend!!! Crystal