Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Hello All! I am back from our trip to get little Timothy. He is doing great and my trip went very well. Hope tagged along with Daddy and I. Our trip was to Africa and it was several long flights. Hope did wonderful!!!! She started crawling and cruising just in time to be forced to sit on my lap on the plane for too looong. She was so happy to meet her big little brother. They are both very close in size and loved playing together. Timothy is 1 1/2 years old and a real sweetheart. Hope and I left Kelly and Timothy this past Sunday and flew back home. I will not be able to post many specifics until the adoption is complete. Thanks for the prayers and support from you all. I felt the prayers especially as Hope and I flew the last leg of our journey into Detroit. I knew she was ready to have a Nuclear meltdown, but she held until we were safely in the car driving home. Please continue to pray for Kelly and Timothy. Our hope is they will be home real soon : ) God Bless, Crystal