Thursday, December 18, 2008

The weather outside is frightful.........

Hello All! The weather outside is supposed to get uite frightful in our neck of the woods. I am intrigued by the weather, always have been. Kelly thinks it is funny that I watch the Weather Channel. He feels they are always incorrect and true they are wrong frequently. When you grow up in an area where the weather can be extreme and affect your life, you pay attention. He grew up in San Jose, CA. The weather is perfect there, Not to hot or too cold in the "Silicon Valley". In Michigan, we have snow for a large portion of our year. That much snow means you pay attention to the weather. You have to prepare for the next day, do you need the hat, gloves and huge winter boots or just the average winter boots? I found an article here on line sharing the top ten Cities and States that have a variety of weather. Yes, we make the snowiest list in our hometown : ) Tonight we prepare again for the storm moving our way across the country. I think the fire will indeed be delightful tonight......... God Bless~ Crystal