Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Timmy's Birthday Celebration

Hello All! Timmy is now officially three. We had a party for him last weekend at a great indoor amusement park for kids, Magic Planet. Magic Planet is located at The Avenues Mall in Kuwait. It was a great family time. Watching the kids enjoy themselves is always fun.

We arrived at The Avenues early Friday morning to beat the rush. Most people are either sleeping in on Friday or at the Mosque. The Avenues Mall is beautiful. Before we enjoyed riding all the rides we stopped to see giant fish tank near the food court area. The food court has all the normal American eateries. Can you name the Restaurant in the fifth photo? This will be the first installment of name that American chain. Soon I will post another installment.

We are really enjoying Kuwait! True, we have yet to live through a summer in the Middle East. I am already preparing for the summer like we prepare for the winter back in Michigan. I find myself thinking up things that will keep us busy during the long HOT days.

This past week we have had a yucky upper respiratory bug going around. Four of the kids have had high fevers, sore throats, terrible coughs and runny noses. The girls are dying to get back to school each morning, but come afternoon their fever spikes and the coughing gets worse. I am hopeful that quickly they will be back on the bus, smiles on their faces trying to peek out the window to wave goodbye to me.

We had such a great time celebrating Timmy!!! Happy Birthday big buddy~