Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Nice Wheels !

It is hard to drive in Kuwait. It is even more difficult when you are trying to snap photos non-stop. These are some of my favorite vehicles I have seen of late. It is real common in Kuwait for people to have pictures of the Emir and the crowned Prince on the back of their ride. Some of the decals are also of beloved dead Emirs and respected leaders. I thought this would give you a taste of our daily commutes on the Kuwaiti highways.

The last photo is an interesting one. This young man on the dirt bike was kind enough to do a "wheelie" for us on our very own street. As we were getting closer to home the other evening, he was driving ahead of us and at each light popping a "wheelie". The kids were getting excited in the back seats, hooting and hollering. This was after my Epiphany that I just need to love the Kuwaitis. I decided we would roll the windows down and cheer for the guy. I figured " I may think this is insane, but he is loving it and dying to show off." Kelly and I rolled the windows down and gave him the thumbs up and a round of applause. I showed him my camera and he pointed towards our street. He then proceeded to do wheelies up and down our street for the camera. We all waved and gave him the thumbs up, he waved to us as well. I was just glad he had a helmet on as most don't even do that in Kuwait. Timmy kept repeating all night and the next day "Guy pop his wheel up, Mommy!" It was the highlight of Tim's young life. Only in Kuwait!