Saturday, March 6, 2010

Why did the camels cross the road?

The camels crossed the road to get to the race track! Today we went to the Kuwait Camel Racing Club. What an amazing thing to see.

We were excited to get to drive our 4 wheel drive Durango. The Durango just arrived in Kuwait and we have missed it!!! We packed up and headed out 6th ring road determined to experience something unique to this area of the world.

We were very impressed that as we got closer the racing club, people were directing us where to go. Even some kind police officers escorted us in the right direction when we took a wrong turn.

We arrived early and were able to see many camels up close. The camel owners and trainers were very accommodating with letting us take pictures and video.

Once inside we asked a man if we could drive further inside near the track. He told us that would be fine. We were able to follow the race in our car along with the owners and camel trainers. I think this was the best part of the experience. We were racing around beside the camels in 4 wheel drives with the wind and sand (or more accurately dust) blowing through our hair. During this time I felt like I was in a James Bond movie, it was surreal. The domesticated James Bond(Kelly) and I had to juggle five kids while taking photos and video at 30-40 mph with visibility almost nothing from all the sand being kicked up. I don't think James or the bond girls ever had to worry about one of their children flying out a window. This was the most fun I have had in a long time!!!
We were shocked to see some of the children who were riding around the track standing on some of the cars wheel wells. Yikes!! This does not appear to be a safe way to ride in Kuwait.
When we returned home everyone bathed or showered. It is amazing how much sand a few camel races can kick up. If you are ever in Kuwait or anywhere in the Middle East, catch the camel races. You will be glad you did. Just be prepared to need a hot shower afterwards.