Sunday, May 27, 2007

Happy Memorial Day !!

Hello All! We hope this finds you having a great holiday weekend. We have been planting, playing and just enjoying the beginning of summer. I know it is the unofficial start to summer. But, for us a start all the same. Growing up my grandparents had a cottage (and still have it) on Lake Huron. Memorial day was the start of weekends spent enjoying the beach with family. Every Memorial Day weekend growing up the boat we owned and the hoist that housed it for the summer season went into the water this weekend. It mattered not if it was raining and freezing cold. It had to go in, it was time to enjoy summer. So I laugh when Kelly says when will Lake Michigan be warm enough to swim in? I say for me or everyone else? If water doesn't cool me down than I see no point in swimming. So needless to say I am ready : ) Are you?

Yesterday we did just that, we spent a wonderful day at the Lake Michigan Beach. We had packed everything needed for a safe and fun day at the beach, including a picnic lunch. We made it to the beach by 10:00 am and didn't leave till 3:00pm or so. It took us five minutes to get to the beach from our home. It was the perfect time. I am truly in my element at the beach. Although we are anti-sun worshippers and we avoid sun exposure at all cost. We still enjoy the beach so much!! We had our sun umbrella for much needed shade, we applied and reapplied sunscreen at least three times while visiting the beach. Ironically I was the only one that got a burn on my foot and lower leg because I was a little careless. But that area was only exposed for about 5 minutes at maximum. So the good news is there were no bad burns and tons of fun. We swam, built castles, ate lunch with a few bites of sand, swam some more, practiced our wave jumping, buried Luke in the sand, built a "swimming pool" and swam some more : ) The "swimming pool" was built at the water's edge and we filled it with buckets full of water. The kids would sit in the "swimming pool" and splash, see pictures below.

We had the perfect day and we were glad for the relaxed family time. We hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day! May God Bless your summertime!!! Love, Crystal

PS. I swam and I loved every minute of it : )