Friday, May 4, 2007

A Weekend of Sharing

Hello All! This weekend we are opening our home to international students that attend U of M (The University Of Michigan). I have been the one helping to coordinate this at our church and it has meant a bunch of extra work for me of late. We have 19 host families and 50 guests visiting. Most are Chinese nationals and most are not Christians. Every year an missions organization called ISI plans this trip to Muskegon for the international students. It gives the students and their families an opportunity to glimpse true Americana. As a host family you have an opportunity to share your faith with people of another country, most often China. Most of us are aware of the plight of Chinese Christians. (This link is via The voice of the Martyrs website and it can help to clarify what is happening to Christians in China.)
So this is a chance to share the truth before they return to China. It should be a neat weekend and I am sure we will all be blessed by the time spent together. Please pray for us as we witness through our lives this weekend. Please also pray that God would lead our conversation and times of fellowship. I will update you as to how the weekend turns out.

I also have included a sweet picture of our three playing outside yesterday. I can't get them to come inside anymore. The weather is supposed to continue to warm up, YAHOO! We will be going to the National Tulip Festival ( in Holland tomorrow. It should be much fun and I hope to include more pictures of my spring favorite, the Tulip. In the meantime here is one I planted in the backyard last year. What care God took to make the Tulips. Your works are amazing My Lord!!! Love, Crystal