Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Update on Luke's Adoption

This weekend we recieved some exciting news, Luke's application for U.S. citzenship has been approved!!!! So the last step is to appear before our USCIS (INS) office in Detroit and turn over his green card. Then he will recieve his Certificate of Citizenship. YAHOO!!! So all his papers are soon to be completed. What a process : ) Also our I-171H approval(that is our visa pre-approval) came in the mail on Saturday. So our family is now approved by the Federal government to adopt two children. I am impressed with how quickly Detroit processed that aspect of our adoption paperwork. It was much faster than Missouri. It will be fun to see now where we go from here, what are God's plans for our family? More to come on all that soon I am sure : )

Yesterday, Faith and Luke played outside for about an hour. They played with new sidewalk chalk almost the entire time. I was busy cleaning our home as we are going to be hosting international students this coming weekend for our church. I would occasionally pop my head out the open window or door and ask how Faith and Luke were doing. They would say"Good, Mommy." So I kept right on cleaning. Well quickly the time came to come inside because we needed to go pick up Grace from school. I came out to find that Luke had chalk all over his side of his face. Apparently Faith had given up drawing on the cement and decided Luke needed some decorating as well. Enjoy!!! Love, Crystal