Thursday, May 31, 2007


Hello All! Well I am excited to announce some big news on the blog finally! After viewing the picture accompanying this post I doubt many of you are guessing what the news is : ) I am pregnant : ) I am 14 weeks along at this point. Pregnancy is 40 weeks, so I know I have only begun the marathon of pregnancy. Last week I heard the heartbeat at my appointment with my doctor.
Kelly and I couldn't be more thrilled, we are excited to see who God is designing to fit in our family. The adoption process for us is on hold as we continue to pray seek God's will for our family. For now though we enjoy the excitement of meeting our new little Baby Briden. Please pray for the baby as it continues to grow and develop. We know ultimately God is in control and he is so good to us.
Our second big news is Luke is officially a Citizen of the United States of America!!! We were in Detroit this morning for his last appointment with USCIS (INS). YAHOO!!!! This has been a much harder process than having biological kids, for me. I am glad he is truly an American and more importantly he is our son. One funny story from the appointment today. After our name was called and we arrived at the window to speak to the USCIS officer, I proceeded to inform her "My son, Luke, has received his approval for his N-600 and he is here for his certificate of Citizenship." She looked at Luke and me and then around the room and said " Where is your son?" I looked at her, and pointed to Luke " right here". She shook her head, and said " Oh, yeah". Later I giggled about it, who did she think I was holding? And adoptions are processed like this in Detroit daily. I can't believe every mother that comes in to obtain a Certificate of Citizenship is the same race as her adopted child. Anyway, I got a kick out of it all the same. So Luke is fully a Briden and fully ready to pay taxes now. Thank God for our new little American!!
God Bless you all- Crystal