Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Tag, I'm it

Hello All! A friend I met online in a Liberian adoption group, Becky Avella, has "tagged" me. She and her husband are adopting a little boy from Liberia and it has been such a blessing to keep up with their progress as well. I guess there is a game of Tag going through Blogger and once tagged by someone you must share seven little known facts about yourself. HMMM, let me think. So for my friend Becky, here goes!!!

1. I don't like Celery. I have tried it many times in my life, with peanut butter and raisins and without. It just doesn't sit well with me. I don't like to floss while I eat, I prefer to floss after meals with dental floss. So for all of the celery lovers out there in bloggerland, I am sorry. I must be honest. I will always pass on celery!

2. I have mountains of gray hair on my head. It started when I was 22. My mom tried to tell me it was blond. Yeah right, Mom. Yes, it is true I was beginning to gray way back before I had children. I can't give up the gray fight so soon. Think of all the money my beautician would lose. I try do my part to support our economy. Down with gray!!

3. I dream of being a published author. I am actually currently writing a novel that is historical fiction set in 1870 in Muskegon, Michigan. It has been great fun to research the time period and to see the characters come to life. So we shall see if I can ever finish and get it to publication. If nothing else it has been a fun creative outlet.

4. I am a Certified Lactation Counselor and an R.N. I hope to someday use this to encourage mothers to nurse their babies. I loved nursing our two biological daughters. It helped me to slow down and enjoy my time with each of them. It was our special time and I fiercely guarded it. Some of my earliest childhood memories involve my mom nursing my younger brothers. I hope to use this someday when we do mission work in Africa, where women all breastfeed out of necessity.

5. We hope to serve as missionaries with Mercy Ships ( in no more than three years. I am secretly praying for two, but we will see. My husband, Kelly, has dreamed of this for many, many years. After seven years of saving and paying off his medical school loans we are closer and closer to this goal. God has taught me much patience through this process. I have been ready to go for awhile. Or at least that is what I thought. But, I can see now how God has prepared us in many ways while we have been faithful to this dream of serving him.

6. I am the only of my siblings who doesn't have glasses or corrective lens of some type. What can I say I have always seen clearly, they on the other hand have always had the wrong focus. I am also the shortest of my siblings. Everyone else is normally American tall, I only made it to 5'4". So again I have a different viewpoint, Ha! Ha! Just kidding Heather, Rick and Jeff : ) I love you each dearly!!!!

7. My favorite author is Deeanne Gist. Her third novel has just begun hitting the stores, "Courting Trouble". It is a fun and encouraging read about love, loss and redemption. I have also been asked by the author herself to help moderate her new chat room. I have been active on her blog and I love reading about her everyday life. If you are interested in her blog go to and her chat room should be opening someday soon. Please come on over read her books and chat with us : ) My user name is quite creative and I am sure you would never guess it, it's Crystal. I know, I know, does my creativity have no limits. Kelly wanted me to use "Hot Mama" for my user name, that got voted down.

So that is seven. The flower in the picture is "Forget Me Nots", so now you must remember these little known facts about me. HollyAnn Petree I am tagging you next : ) Those closest to me will already know most of this. Like, my sister Heather. But then she knows most of my big and little secrets. Thankfully she is as silent as the grave and that is why she is my friend and confidant. I hope you learn something new, enjoy- Love, Crystal