Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Hello, Goodbye and Funny pictures : )

Hello All! Well our hosting weekend went great!! We are blessed to have three different families in China who want us to visit them to repay our kindness to them in one weekend. I was so impressed with their generosity and love for us, our children and our country. We enjoyed many a late evening talking, laughing and becoming friends! The gentlemen and little girl we hosted were a blessing to us from the start of the weekend to the end. I cried after we said our goodbyes at our church. I may never see them again this side of eternity, but I will pray for them, their health, protection and joy. Most importantly I will pray that God allowed us plant seeds in their hearts that will take root in his time. So will we host again, absolutely!! Next weekend? No, Mommy needs a break : ) But, our children now have friends who will return to China, what a blessing to know somone who calls the opposite side of the world home. I have included a few pictures of our friends during their visit, enjoy!

This week also brought a sad goodbye for our family. My friend Kristie and her girls, Taylor and Kaitlyn returned to British Columbia today. We spent time with them this past weekend at the Tulip Festival in Holland, MI. We don't know what next year will bring for Kristie's husband Clayton. He is the hockey goalie for our local team. They could play in Europe if they so choose. It is in God 's hands, so we wait and see what God has planned for this special family whom we have come to care about deeply. The picture of the kids was taken at their home yesterday. That is the home my mother and father in law will live in for the summer, YEAH!! Yet, it is so bittersweet.

Next I have had to include some silly pictures taken of the family lately. Luke and Faith are sporting suits gifted to us from a good friend at Kelly's office. Needless to say, I can't stop laughing. What cuties : ) Grace needed to be included in the purple suit as well, she's a ham. Next is Faith in her lipgloss gifted to her from Kelly's nurse. She needs to learn moderation in all things. Last is Grace with her lipgloss. Don't worry, both will be taught where there lips are before they start to officially wear lipgloss. The next picture is of Luke hands in pockets, just hanging out : ) Lastly if you can identify the man on the billboard picture on the far left you win my first ever blog contest. What do you win? The pride of knowing you won, of course! This billboard greeted us as we drove into downtown Holland last saturday. Love you all- Enjoy!!! Crystal