Friday, February 6, 2009


Hello All! Lately, I wake up each morning excited to see what will happen each day. Today was no different I woke up at 5:15 am when Luke came into our room to see if anyone was awake. No, I wasn't awake Luke, but thanks now I am wide awake. After tucking in Lukey I stumbled downstairs to make the coffee~SWEET ELIXIR OF LIFE!!! I am finally figuring out that I have to have some quite time with the Lord before the big rush of the morning. I was having some quiet time later in the morning, but that was falling after one of the hardest times of the day. I need the peace and encouragement before the hungry, tired "Bunch" awakes.

God is really revealing to me many big truths over the last years. First, I am a drink offering being poured out over the lives of my children and husband. This is my purpose, why he created me. I am to thank and praise him constantly for the opportunity to serve a HOLY God. Next, he is teaching me that He must increase in my life and I must decrease. I commonly chant in my head "You must increase and I must decrease, come Lord Jesus." I am realizing though that this process can be painful. Change is commonly painful.

I think in the past I have always given lip service to wanting "God's will" in my life. I saw the good in it. I would also try to use it in many ways to get MY own will. God is teaching me to surrender everything and allow him to increase in my life. This means surrendering when I think someone has wronged me, forgiving, relinquishing what I think would be justice, and giving the situation over to God. It can be hard to allow God all control and let him INCREASE in your life, spirit, desires and will. There are times when my will cries out for things to go my way. But His grace is sufficient for the moment and each day. I have also found new freedom in this on many levels. I know God is faithful and he will change me, my heart, my desires, my life to reflect him. I praise God for so many things, but that he loves me sometimes is shocking to me. I have nothing to give him, nothing good in me, but he still wants to come in and love the me he created. He must INCREASE, I must decrease. My old self is dying day by day and HE is making me new. God is so good to me and to us all!!!!! Today I again surrender to the process of decreasing. May God bless you today~