Sunday, September 13, 2009

Goodbye Michigan, Hello Virginia

Hello All! We have had a busy last week and it has only just begun. Last week the movers came to take all our belongings and move them into storage in Virginia. They will await us there while Kelly has training in D.C. We are now living in Arlington after flying in Saturday afternoon. Our first days have gone great! We live in a high rise apartment building on the 18th floor (which the kids love), we are starting to get the swing of the metro and we are having a little sticker shock as far as the price of well, everything!

I am having problems downloading my photos and my Internet connection is painfully slow, so I am sorry for the lack of photos with this post. The photos will be coming soon. Rest assured we are here safely and we are all enjoying the change of pace. Kelly has had his first orientation day and he is very excited to be starting this new adventure.

Grace, Faith and Luke started their home schooling today and it went well. I am really impressed with all of our children, they have been positive and excited about this move. We have shed some tears, but they are looking forward to many upcoming fun family times. Michigan will always be in our hearts and our minds. We miss you all and wish you could come and visit us! Tomorrow Grandma Briden and I take on the metro with the Briden Bunch, wish us luck : ) Blessings~