Saturday, August 22, 2009

Busy is an understatement

Hello All! I'm sorry I have not posted to our blog in over a week. To say that I have been busy would be a huge understatement!! We are working hard to prepare everything first for our move to Washington D.C. Washington is most likely not our first posting, so I have to think ahead to our more permanent destination. It is amazing all the things you must take into account before moving to another country.

Here a just a few thoughts I am currently contemplating today. Where will I get diapers? Can we give away all our coats that are great in Michigan come January, but aren't needed unless we end up in Moscow? What about Christmas presents, do I try to bring some? Can I get good coffee there? Can I have my coffee shipped? What about my coffee maker? How does one dress modestly in a Muslim country? I think I do dress modestly, how much more can one cover in 120 degree heat? Should I bring my treadmill? (It weighs a TON) Can I get to a gym to walk on a treadmill? Does the Embassy compound have a swimming pool? How does someone who's people have been Northerners for generations fair in the Desert? Can I get good coffee? What kind of birds do will they have in _______? Can I get a good coffee maker? Yes, I do think about coffee often!

We have our pack out date. On September 8th a majority of our earthly possessions will go into storage in Washington D.C. Some of it will come out when we are assigned a post and then travel to our new home. We are allowed 7200 pounds of HHE (Household Effects) as the post will be furnished. I have to go pack and organize! I will post again soon~