Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

Hello All! I hope you have had an enjoyable Valentine's Day. Grace had her first Valentine's Day party last night at her school. It was fun for the whole family. They had cookie decorating, games, and crafts. The kids loved it and Daddy got out of work early especially for the big bash. Grace also loved her Valentine's Day card exchange at school. She was very excited to show me all her "goodies" and her cards from her classmates.
It is hard to believe that seven years ago tonight I was pulling all the last minute things together for our wedding. Time really flies when you are in Love. I remember the week leading up to the big day very clearly. Many good memories! We know we are blessed and we thank God for our marriage. God brought us together on July 16th 1998. How God managed to pull that off is a romance story for the ages. One would think it was chance or coincidence. For those few of you that don't know how we met, here goes : ) I was going to have my first real nursing job and I was to be employed by Sparrow Hospital in Lansing, Michigan. To get the job I had to have a pre-employment physical in the hospital clinic. I will never forget sitting in waiting room. I was reading some boring magazine. With the lame reading material in hand I began looking around the room. I remember watching the receptionist talking to the nurse. Then the nurse said something to someone out of my view. I could tell she was speaking of me. That I was here for the 11:15 am appointment, etc. Next thing I see is a cute guy with a white coat walk up to the desk and grab a folder. Considering there was only one other person in the waiting room and she was there for a immunization, I assumed it was my patient folder. Did I say he was CUTE! I looked down at my magazine so as not to be caught staring. I could see him out of my peripheral vision. He looked at me briefly, looked at the folder and than said something to the nurse. Next, he excited stage left. I remember thinking, maybe I will see him sometime in the hospital. After a short while the nurse called my name. Before I knew I was in a cloth gown stripped down to my underwear. Don't worry, you couldn't see anything through the gown : ) So I waited. Next came a knock. I said "come in" and the rest is history. I still find it funny that on that day I wore my San Francisco T-shirt that my parents had bought me while on vacation there years before. It was that shirt that started our conversation and kept it going for nearly 45 minutes. Yes, I was the last appointment of the morning before lunch. So the doctor could sit and chat. We even found we had a mutual acquaintance during our conversation. The amazing thing is I could have seen any Family Practice resident that day. I could have made a different appointment. I could have worn a different shirt. I could have got a different job. I could have worked at Sparrow hospital for years and never met Kelly. But that wasn't God's plan. I think as Christians we often through around "God's will" to liberally. There are a few things in my life I know without doubt God willed. One of those is my marriage to Kelly. It has been confirmed to me many times over. I went home from that appointment absolutely certain that we were to be married. I called my sister and mother that afternoon to share it with them. It is fun to think of those times! It was the first time I had heard the name Briden spelled five times in one conversation. "You know where to find me and my name Briden, B-R-I-D-E-N" Kelly said with a smile. Almost nine years later, yes I know how to spell Briden. Happy Valentine's Day!! Hugs and Kisses, Crystal