Monday, February 26, 2007

Our Home study is finally Complete!

Hello All! Just a quick update as far as the adoption process. Our home study is finally complete! This time though speed was not of the essence. Because we don't yet have a child identified, we aren't really in any rush. So now we send it to our local USCIS office in Detroit. After that is received we will be scheduled to be fingerprinted in the Grand Rapids office. You know while I am on this topic, I am going to get on my soap box for awhile. We have been fingerprinted before by the feds for Luke's adoption. One would think they could keep some of that information, somewhere. But why streamline anything? Why would governmental agencies share information? How many times do you have to jump through the same hoop? Such inefficiency, yet praise God we have our government. We could be living in Liberia. That is where God really has to work as far as adoption. I can complain about Uncle Sam, it is my right. On the other hand, Liberians wish Uncle Sam would come in and take over. So I guess when viewed in that light I can "suck it up" as my dad always said. I will hold out my hand again to be fingerprinted like a convict. It is worth the hassle for a little guy's life, correct? Love, Crystal