Thursday, February 22, 2007


Hello All! Birthdays come quick for us this time of year! Last Friday Grace turned five, tomorrow Luke will be turning two. I can't believe it. I remember when he was barely ten pounds soaking wet at seven months. The changes you see in 17 months. He is a little boy now and he loves CARS. The Disney/Pixar movie. I whistle often as we go about our day. My favorite thing to whistle of late is the"Life is a highway" song that is featured in CARS. I can whistle four notes and Luke will say in his deep voice " CARS, Mom". It is so cute! Kind of like name that tune. His voice is so deep and sometimes I forget I am whistling the song until I hear from somewhere behind me, "CARS, Mom". He is crazy about CARS and he always has to point out any item that has his friends from CARS on it. So not only does he play this game when I whistle, but in every store we go to. Do you know how many items in one Meijer store have CARS on them? Too many to count : ) Today he picked out his birthday cake at the store. You'll never guess who will be on it. "CARS, MOM".