Sunday, February 11, 2007

Sledding Fun!!

Hello All! We had a blast today. We all bundled up in many,many layers and went sledding on our sand dunes down the road. It was cold, but nothing compared to last weekend! It was twenty, that felt pretty good actually with three layers of clothing on. The kids did great, no they did exceptional. Grace, Faith and Luke didn't complain at all. They all sledded beautifully and I only carried Luke up the hill once at the very end. Very impressive considering it is difficult to walk up the hill in triple layers of clothing for me. Luke will be two on the 23rd of this month. Faith loved the pink saucer. Grace the round tube, because it was soft. She said" the pink one hurts my bottom." Luke liked riding by himself. In the beginning Luke would ride with Kelly or me. After awhile though he wanted to be big like his sisters and go solo. It can be exciting at the sled dunes. When we first arrived the Ambulance and Fire trucks were in the parking lot. We heard from some other sledders that a boy went way up to the top and flipped probably five times on his descent. Any way it can be dangerous. No one is supervising, there is no ski patrol. In snow skiing you have people watching and enforcing safety rules. So just like driving you must sled defensively. I imagine though that young boys, high snow covered dunes and sledding equipment often result in many injuries. I couldn't help but think about how often the Paramedics visit this park in the winter. Thank God he protected us today and don't worry we stayed on the bunny hill!! Love, Crystal