Saturday, February 24, 2007

Luke turns two!

Hello All! Luke is now officially two as I write this. We had a great CARS birthday party yesterday with just us the Briden five. The dining room was decked out in CARS stuff. Luke loved it, especially mommy's idea of decorating with little die cast cars that were part of his present. Luke loved the cake and being the center of our attention for the party. He choose his cake flavor of Chocolate. We ate the cake after our craft and coloring time. We have a cream rug in our dining room. Needless to say I also bought some bath toys for immediately following the cake feast. So the kids moved from the bath to playing with cars. Luke loved this as well. We bought him a CARS rug play mat that he can drive his cars on. He and the girls played cars for quick awhile. It is funny to watch a boy play though. He kept banging his car into all the other cars including his sisters that they were playing with. He would even use sound effects as the two cars crashed. The girls did not appreciate this part of the game as much. They wanted the cars to be a family. One car was the mommy, one the daddy, you get the idea. So even when playing cars girls and boys play quite differently. The last event of the evening was watching the movie "CARS". Luke loves it, he even laughs appropriately at the funny Mater. Our little man is two!! What a good little guy he is, we are so thankful for him! He has been with us for 17 months now. I wish I could have seen him his first seven months of life before he became our son. But I am so blessed to have these last seventeen months and the many more to come as he grows. God Bless our little man, Luke!

Today we are heading to a fun place in Holland, MI called CRAZY BOUNCE. More pictures and the story to come tomorrow : ) Love, Crystal