Monday, June 15, 2009

I think Mommy may need my help

Hello All! This is my helper boy, Luke. He is a super helper to his Mommy and this morning was no exception. The evenings have been getting warmer here in Michigan and Kelly and I enjoy having a cold beer after dinner watching the kids play in our yard. Sometimes I will tell the kids"Mommy needs to relax now, drink her beer with Daddy and take a moment".

This morning we awoke to a MESSY house after a weekend of fun outdoor activities, who wants to clean or be inside when the weather is perfect? I shared our plan with my team, we need to clean the kitchen and family rooms until they shine : ) For extra motivation I threw in that each child over 4 years old can have two dollars to spend at our local Mini-mart for a treat if you are a contributing member of the cleaning crew. It is amazing how that motivates them!! I was cleaning and vacuuming right along with them. At some point I must have said, "Whew, I'm tired" and sighed while picking up the hundredth toy. Grace said " Mom, you will need to take a moment later during our quite time" Next thing I know Luke is out in the garage refrigerator bringing something inside. He hands me a beer, "Here Mom this is for you". I laughed out loud and said " Luke I can't drink a beer at 9:00 o 'clock in the morning" It is good to know someone is looking our for me though, Luke I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you are having a great monday~