Monday, March 12, 2007

A Great Day to be Alive

Hello All! Today was a good day for me! It was one of those days when you have a moment to reflect that you have waited for. It was sunny, 45 degrees, and not a cloud in the sky. I have waited for sun and 45 for months and it felt so good. But, even brighter was our drive home after taking the girls to dance class. I had no coat on, the windows of the mini-van cracked, and I was singing to a feel good country song. I turned around to see all three of my buddies eating a sucker they had just received from the teacher of the girl's dance class. They were smiling, drooling and chomping away. It was in that moment that a thought popped into my head. "All you have is now, this is what you dreamed of." The next thought was "that this is what I have dreamed of since I was four years old." In my baby book, my mom asked me at four years old, what I wanted to be. I said " A nurse and a mommy." Wow, a little girls dream come true!! I know God was speaking to my heart. I knew I needed to take this moment and burn it into my mind as it would evaporate quickly. As I continued to watch the road and all three of my babies at the same time, I was showered with even more love. Grace said spontaneously " Mommy you are the best mommy, I love you." At that point, I was thinking this is my "calling", this is what God made me for. I have three kids in my minivan and I have room for another car seat. But, for now I have this moment to cherish. Time may change, but God does not. I am blessed to have moments like these to balance out the long February days with no sun. Some of those days should not ever be burned in one's memory. Those days can be hard, lonely and trying. Those are the days you question your purpose. "Was I meant to be a mother?" " I cannot possibly wipe another runny nose." For today though I have a memory of three little children and sticky hands, sunshine and singing. Who could ask for more. Praise God that he did listen to this little four year old girls dreams. I say bring on daylight savings time, it is amazing what a little sunshine can do to one's mood : ) Love, Crystal