Saturday, March 10, 2007

A Great Day for a Hike

Hello All! Well today was a great day for a hike in the woods. It was a high of 39 degrees and the sun was shining all day. Perfect weather to shake off the cabin fever that has been building. After nap time this afternoon we all donned our backpacks, boots and binoculars for a walk in the park. We have a nice state park just up the road from our home. The hike we took was over the sand dunes to Lake Michigan. All three kids walked the entire way. Which is a wonder in and of itself. The pathway was still covered with inches of melting snow. They have gotten quite used to walking in snow by now and only slipped a few times. The trail is also up and down many big dunes. They made it up and down many stairs with no complaint. I was so glad to be outdoors. This is where I connect with God. As the snow is melting I can almost hear the Hallelujah chorus. God's creation is waking up from it's long winter nap.

I am an amateur bird watcher, so any excuse to put on my binoculars. Today the girls also were "birding" with mommy. They both had compact binoculars hanging from their necks. They would stop and look for birds. It was so cute because occasionally they would have the binoculars backwards. They would look at each other and say " Hey Grace, you look far away." Who had the heart to tell them that they were less than two feet away from one another.

Luke did the best of all. He has the shortest legs and he didn't even whimper or ask to be held. After bath this evening, Kelly and I realized Luke's thigh muscles were still tight from the hike. He is a ripped little guy : ) All three had backpacks on stocked with juice boxes and Cheetos. It was cute to see them packing snacks on their little backs. When we arrived at the Lake the sun was starting to set. It was magnificent. The kids all posed for pictures and celebrated the victory of making it half way. What a good afternoon in nature. I found this quote from C.S. Lewis and I thought I would share it.

"Because God created the natural- invented it out of his love and artistry-it demands our reverence." C.S. Lewis

Please enjoy the photos! Remember, God made you and he loves you- Crystal