Friday, March 30, 2007

Home Sweet Home

Hello All! Last evening we all returned home from New Mexico. We had a great time with our New Mexico, Missouri and California family. We stayed at a cabin in Red River, New Mexico for 3 nights. We enjoyed time with Kelly's parents, two sisters, brother and sister in law, two uncles, one aunt, a family friend and six nephews and nieces. So needless to say there was much talking and laughing! It is so great to see family and enjoy that time. I am blessed by my in-laws. I enjoy each of them very much and in a different way. They have all welcomed me since even before I was an official member of the Briden clan. I am proud to be a part of this family! They have so much love for one another.

The picture taken of the Briden Family including Ken and Vera their kids and grand kids was taken by the Red River in New Mexico. The weather was nice while we visited Red River. Kirk, Kelly's brother, and his wife, Suzi, and four sons even got a day of skiing in. The rest of us enjoyed time playing games, talking and joking with each other. Kelly's Uncles, Darl and Ike, along with Aunt Rayetta came all the way from California to share in this special time. It was great to have them with us as well. Kelly's sisters, Kenna and Kristi, both live in New Mexico. Kristi lives with our two special nieces in Albuquerque close to my in laws. Kenna the oldest in the family lives in beautiful Santa Fe. She even gave us a tour of downtown Santa Fe which was a real treat!

We had flights that were on time both down to New Mexico and back home yesterday. We had a great family time and the kids loved playing with their cousins. We are thankful to God that all returned home safely and that we had the time to build special memories. As we were driving home from the airport yesterday our girls were talking about how much they miss Grandma and Grandad. We lived next to them for 4 1/2 years in Missouri. We are happy for them that they love New Mexico, but it was great to live so close to them. Faith then asked her daddy "Daddy, do you miss your Grandma Mommy sometimes?" After Kelly responded in the affirmative we giggled as we thought of Vera. She is a Grandma Mommy if ever there was such a thing : ) Now we look forward to summer. Grandma Mommy and Grandad Daddy will move up the road from us for a summertime full of fun memories. Thank you God for family!!! Love, Crystal